PLURAL+ 2012

On 6 December, the PLURAL+ 2012 Youth Video Festival Awards Ceremony was held at The Paley Center for Media in New York City. A special thank you from the PLURAL+ 2012 Team and the Partner Organizations to all the young media makers who participated in PLURAL+ 2012. Your videos are powerful, inspiring and show remarkable talent and commitment to building a more inclusive and cohesive world.

Watch the PLURAL+ 2012 Award Ceremony!

PLURAL+ Awards ceremony program [PDF]

PLURAL+2012 Award Ceremony Photos

UN TV Special on PLURAL+ 2012

The PLURAL+ Award Winning Videos

Trab Laus (5:37 min, Australia, by Tania Safi)
PLURAL+ International Jury Award (18-25 age category)
PLURAL+ Paley Center For Media Education Award

All Changes (3:07 min, Italy, by Students of Class 3D, Laura Conti Secondary School, Buccinasco. Franco Brega and Tullia Castagnidoli, Teachers)
PLURAL+ International Jury Award (13-17 age category)
PLURAL+ RAI Scuola TV Award

Do You Really Think That About Me? (5:00 min, Spain, by Telekids Workshop. Jacqueline Sanchez-Carrero, Coordinator)
PLURAL+ International Jury Award (9-12 age catagory)
PLURAL+ Gulen Institute Award

Diversity and Migration (5:00 min, Mexico, by Fernanda Curiel & Frasua Esquerra)
PLURAL+ Doha Center For Media Freedom Award
PLURAL+ Scalabrini International Migration Network Award

A Short Board Game Story (3:11 min, Bangladesh, by Ralitza Dinesh Mondal)
PLURAL+ Humanity Without Boarders Foundation Award

Mobembo (5:30 min, Cameroon, by Ngana Brice Betoko, Edmond Tshiaba, Evadry Nsabimana & Josias Labodje. Christine Chamoun, Project Coordinator)
PLURAL+ Gulen Institute Award

Archibald (4:15 min, Belgium, by Children from Camera Etc. Workshop, Liege School. Delphine Hermans & Mathieu Labaye, Coordinators.)
PLURAL+ Consejo Nacional de Television Chile Award

My Dad Musician (3:53 min, Czech Republic, by Zdenek Chaloupka)

Malaysia, A Colorful Country (2:10 min, Malaysia, by CheeYang Tan, Yukee Ong & MJ Soong. Ryan Tan, Producer)
PLURAL+ Consejo Nacional de Television Chile Award

Hit the Road, Jack (4:02 min, United Kingdom, by Michael Azkoul)

Even Handed (5:47 min, United States of America, by Samantha Highsmith & Gabriella Huggins. Virginia Pearce, Producer, Spy Hop Productions)
PLURAL+ Waging Nonviolence Award
PLURAL+ Human Beings Being Human Award

Dreams (4:59 min, Haiti, by Romel Jean Pierre, Roberto Gomez (adviser))
PLURAL+ Global Block Award
PLURAL+ Turkish Cultural Center of New York Friendship Award

Ripples (4:59 min, Japan, by Hiroaki Saito. Tong Zhou Wei, Producer)
PLURAL+ Doha Center For Media Freedom Award

Water and Oil (2:40 min, Brazil, by Douglas Lisboa)
PLURAL+ Paley Center For Media Education Award
PLURAL+ Television America Latina Award

Happy Child (4:11 min, Croatia, by David Bagaric)
PLURAL+ Balkan Media Education Center Award

One Day As a Migrant (5:15 min, Mexico, by Isaac Zuñiga, Cesar Gonzalez, Erick Moller, Erik Aguilar, Emilio Cabra, Jorge Alcala & Gustavo Perez of Colegio Carol Baur)
PLURAL+ Global Block Award

Buenos Dias (4:58 min, Spain, by Wen Zhan)

If We Were… (1:49 min, Mexico, by Rocío Román Moreno)
PLURAL+ Barcelona Forum of Cultures Award

Better Than A Cat (4:35 min, Russia, by Maxim Shavkin)
PLURAL+ NEXOS Alianza Award

The Village School (2:57 min, Belgium, by Students from Colline de L’eveil School, Liege. Louise-Marie Colon & Dominique van Hecke, Coordinators)
PLURAL+ Anna Lindh Foundation Award

Prejudice Is A Double Edged Sword (4:57 min, Italy, by Centro Interculturale Mondinsieme, Quattro Castella. Ihssan Ait Yahia, Coordinator)

Students in France From All Over The World (5:00 min, France, by Eduardo Ribeiro Lobato)
PLURAL+ IOM Migration Research and Training Centre Award

Life Changing Education (2:56 min, Norway, by Elio Alonso Vasquez Miranda)
PLURAL+ Consejo Nacional de Television Chile Award

World Friends (5:00 min, France, by Lou Rameau-Sender, Estelle Carré-Viala & Maeva Fafin. Cumulo Nimbus, coordinating organization)
PLURAL+ Humanity Without Borders Foundation Award

Wapikoni Mobile (4:15 min, Quebec/Canada)
PLURAL+ Honorable Mention Award