This page contains information on the various organizations collaborating with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations on the PLURAL+ Video Festival.

Core Organizers

AoClogo The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is a project of the United Nations Secretary-General which seeks to strengthen relations and reduce tensions between different cultures. It was co-sponsored by the governments of Spain and Turkey in 2005, and today has over 100 participating countries and international organizations. The Alliance works to reduce cultural tensions by promoting dialogue, policies and projects, particularly within the areas of youth, education, migration and media.
IOMlogo The International Organization for Migration (IOM) acts together with its partners in the international community to uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants; encourage social and economic development through migration; assist in meeting the growing operational challenges of migration management; and advance understanding of migration issues.


ASF AFS is a community of more than 50 international Partner organizations that support intercultural learning, primarily through exchange programs. AFS has transformed the lives of millions of students, families, and individuals with the support of AFS Volunteers.
Amara Amara has won several awards for their subtitling (including one from the UNAOC). Their revolutionary tools allow you to create and manage subtitles publicly or privately, using your own staff and contractors or a volunteer team. They also provide the lowest cost professional transcripts, captions, and translations of the highest quality, complete with enterprise editing and collaboration functionality.
Anna Lindh Foundation The Anna Lindh Foundation is an organization shared and resourced by over forty Euro-Mediterranean countries, aimed at bringing people together as a way to promote dialogue between cultures and respect for diversity. The Foundation leads regional initiatives and supports local activities carried out by organizations based across civil society which advocate for a better understanding among people, religions and beliefs, and champion human rights and democracy.
CHINH aims to promote causes of children and marginalized communities through harnessing traditional wisdom, art and culture and rediscovering them in contemporary contexts. CHINH’s prime focus is to create media space for quality children programming through an early education web channel followed by community web channel to showcase to the world a new vocabulary of social change being developed by a handful of people and organizations. CHINH is on its way to create the world’s biggest library of children’s films done by the children through its ongoing media literacy programme.
CineySalud (Cinema and Health) is a program of the Department of Public Health of the Autonomous Government of Aragon (Spain). The program collaborates with educators and is implemented in schools at a regional level using film as a way to promote health within the youth, as well as promote self-esteem and empowerment, critical thinking and personal social responsibility. The program organizes the Festival de Cortometrajes y Spots Cine y Salud, an annual youth video festival around health issues.
COPEAMLogo COPEAM is an international non-profit organization aimed at being a permanent cooperation and skill-sharing platform for the Mediterranean area audiovisual operators. COPEAM gathers more than 130 members representing 25 countries and takes concrete action in the areas of radio and TV co-production, training, and the preservation and distribution of the audiovisual heritage of the Euro-Mediterranean region.
FCEM FCEM (World Association of Women Entrepreneurs) is one of the biggest women organizations worldwide, and the pioneer association uniting women business owners from all over the world. FCEM was founded in France in 1945 at the end of World War II by Yvonne Foinant, months before the United Nations was established. FCEM activities quickly spread into other European countries and the continents. FCEM brings together in solidarity and friendship and like-minded women who share a common interest: that of entrepreneurship. Today the network FCEM includes over 120 different countries and 5 million members from the five continents.
FERA The mission of FERA is to explore the relatively unexamined pedagogical nexus of cinema, teaching and learning. It is our belief that the psychological weight of cinematic content, the powerful visual vocabulary of the medium, and the peculiarity of cinematic aesthetics can become a powerful counterbalance to the scientizing and capitalizing tendencies of the mass media. FERA manages the PLURAL + Marcelo Lucero-Embracing Diversity FERA Award.
FFUC (Fondacio Forum Universal de Les Cultures) Coinciding with the arrival of the new millennium, the Universal Forum of Cultures was founded in order to foster a public commitment to dialogue, creativity and common sense in a quest for development that is just, humane, sustainable and peaceful. Based in Barcelona, the Foundation aims to spread the ideas and commitments of the Forum as well as to encourage the holding of further events of a similar nature. In its varied activities it works with a number of United Nations agencies.
The Global Block harnesses the spirit of innovation, creativity and activism at the core of the Hip-Hop movement to empower youth and transform communities across the globe. Through its leadership, expertise and financial support it aims to inspire individuals to become agents of change in their communities.
GoodnessTv is a video sharing WebTv dedicated to people and organizations working to make a positive difference in the world. Individuals, NGOs and non-profits can create profiles and broadcast videos about their mission and their field work.
The Gulen Institute is an independent, non-profit educational organization established in 2007 as a joint initiative between the University of Houston and the Institute of Interfaith Dialog. The main goal of the Institute is to promote academic research as well as grass-roots activities aimed at bringing about positive social change, namely the establishment of stable peace, social justice, and social harmony by focusing on the themes of education, volunteerism and civic initiatives. In pursuit of these goals, the Institute publishes scientific and popular works, provides student scholarships and faculty research grants, and organizes academic and public events such as international youth platforms, conferences and luncheon forums.
Humanity-Without-Borders Foundation This educational Foundation, based on the principles of HUMAN BEINGS BEING HUMAN™, acts as a catalyst for the opening of new doors and initiatives for defusing racial, religious, and cultural hatreds fermented by political, religious and other propaganda, disinformation and misrepresentation. There are infinite examples of acts of humanity by persons displaying generosity, courage and bravery whilst placing at risk their own lives as well as the lives of their loved ones. However, due to suppression, censorship, or indifference, the general public rarely hears about these incredibly moving stories. The Humanity-Without-Borders Foundation will make known these intensely humane stories of wonderful, dramatic, life-saving deeds from recent history to today, and from every part of the world. We must never let humankind forget that our common heritage and future is first and foremost, our humanity!
Insight Film Festival is a forum for the celebration of filmmaking that focuses on a theme of ‘faith’. We want to make a contribution to community cohesion by encouraging the making of films about faith and by providing a lively space where those interested in our themes can debate the issues addressed and generated by filmmakers. We think that, more than any other factor, ‘faith’ significantly influences social dynamics, at the level of both local communities and international relations. People from all faith backgrounds and none are eagerly encouraged to join us, to submit entries, and to take part in the Festival to enjoy meeting, review and discussion.
Mediabus Logo Mediabus’ mission is to actively contribute to social inclusion, coexistence and children learning through media literacy and audiovisual productions.
Media Education Centre Logo The Media Education Centre (MEC) for children and young people is founded as a non-political, non-profit NGO, gathering civil society willing to work for aims of scientific and professional research on the influence and application of media in non-formal education of children and young people (and their teachers) through media literacy, media education and education in media, in accordance with human and child rights on access to information, rights to preservation and respect of cultural, national and religious diversity, and the right to participate in media.
MEL MEL Media Education Lab (Brazil), aka MEL, is a social company focused on improving public and private education through innovative experiences based mainly on media and youth empowerment. MEL is also a think tank that organizes and publishes knowledge on innovative education on media and youth. Our network gathers all steak-holders involved in the educational process like teachers, students, parents, policy makers and the whole community members.


IOM Migration Research and Training Centre (MRTC) The IOM Migration Research and Training Centre (MRTC) is an independent research and training institution committed to informing and improving policy making and management practices in migration for the mutual benefit of governments, local communities, and migrants and their families. Established through a special partnership agreement between the Korean government and the International Organization for Migration, the IOM MRTC aims to contribute to the development of informed and balanced migration policies and practices, and build capacities for their implementation.

NEXOS logo


NEXOSAlianza Association is a non-profit organization based in Madrid aimed at promoting the Alliance of Civilizations’ purposes and ideas through audiovisual projects. The association aims to explore the links between civilizations within a framework of respect for human rights and the promotion of cultural and religious tolerance through films, TV series, teaching DVDs, websites and mobile phone games and programs.
ElOjoCojo_Logo El Ojo Cojo is a recently founded NGO that supports cultural integration through active interaction with society. The organization’s purpose is based on a dynamic knowledge and experience where professional, technical and artistic understandings enable the implementation of programs aimed at addressing the complexity of contemporary societies.
ThePaleyLogo The Paley Center for Media is a leader in discussing the cultural, creative, and social significance of TV, radio, and emerging media platforms. It is based in New York and Los Angeles. The general public can access its impressive international collection and participate in programs that explore and celebrate the creativity, the innovations, the personalities, and the leaders who are shaping media.
UNIAL Logo RedUNIAL is a network of organizations and individuals working in the development of creative media education and value-based initiatives for children and youth. Red UNIAL is an initiative of the Habana Film Festival.
The Royal Film Commission – Jordan was established in 2003, with the aim to develop an internationally competitive Jordanian film industry. It is a Jordanian Government organization that is financially and administratively autonomous. It works towards building a solid Jordanian film industry and facilitating productions in Jordan. Its three main areas of activities are: 1) Education & Training; 2) Production services; 3) Fostering film culture through organizing film screenings.


Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) is a not for profit organization established as an international network of over 270 organizations that promote programs, activities and services in the field of development and care of people on the move worldwide. The mission of SIMN is to safeguard the dignity and the rights of migrants, refugees, seafarers, itinerants and people on the move.


SIGNIS is the World Catholic Association for Communication. It engages with media professionals to help transform our cultures in the light of the Gospel by promoting human dignity, justice and reconciliation. SIGNIS promotes a Media for a Culture of Peace.
TAL, Television America Latina is a network of exchange and dissemination of audiovisual production in 20 countries in Latin America.  It is a nonprofit institution that brings together hundreds of partners today throughout the entire region. TV channels are public, educational and cultural institutions and independent producers, who share their programs – documentaries, series and short films – through  TAL.
TCC Logo Turkish Cultural Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting harmony in diverse cultural settings in the United States. Building, increasing and/or fostering a strong and lasting friendship by promoting a better understanding that is based on mutual respect between the individuals of the United States of America and those of Turkish background and/or origin. Introducing and informing the people in the United States with the Turkish history and culture by bringing people together in an open dialogue.
UNTVLogo United Nations Television (UNTV) output includes the award-winning TV magazine series 21st Century. Distributed monthly by the UN’s Department of Public Information to more than 50 broadcasters worldwide, the series reflects UN priorities and important issues affecting the world, and our lives, today. UNTV also produces UN in Action — an award-winning series of short television features on the work the UN and its agencies. UN in Action is distributed on demand to more than 45 broadcasters in 27 countries as well as 15 UN field offices.
WITNESS WITNESS is an international nonprofit organization that trains and equips people to use video in their fight for human rights. Follow us on Twitter @witnessorg.