2013 Winners

/2013 Winners

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Cry of the Refugees

Refugees of war, young refugees in particular, face hardship on a daily basis. This video creatively illustrates the potential of young refugees to overcome obstacles and become positive agents of social change in their communities.

Maina: The Little Bride

Through the eyes of children, we learn the story of young Maina. We follow her as she becomes a child bride and, later, a mother, with responsibilities far beyond her years.

I am Different, So What?

A grumpy rabbit photographer does not want to include the square headed pupils in the class photograph. We learn that differences need not cause divisions, rather, they should be celebrated.


On a journey in which two young Latin American migrants walk northward, memories of the past come to life.

Orchestra for a Dream

This video portrays an orchestra that welcomes in troubled youth and provides them with an inclusive space in which they can thrive artistically.

The Children of my Land and I

A group of young women explore the impact of war on young Afghan unaccompanied migrants. With many students displaced by conflict or forced to work, as many of 70% of girls and 50% of boys were out of school in 2012.

Miracle Across My Balcony

A boy from a Lebanese Christian family and a young Muslim Syrian refugee begin an unexpected and controversial friendship.

All Equal

A young migrant from South Africa is welcomed into his new home and learns that all people are essentially the same, regardless of their origins.


A young person reflects on growing up while confronting their nuanced gender identity.