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Alan Kurdi from Heaven

Speaking from the voice of Alan Kurdi, this video shows life in Syria when the war broke out and what Alan’s family experienced on their way across the sea to take refuge.

American Seoul

A family migrated to America in pursuit of the American Dream. As they struggle to adjust to life in New York, their daughter finds comfort through the cultural synthesis of food.


"Ardiana" portrays the life of Ardiana and her family after migrating from Kosovo to Slovenia. From the lenses of her family, the video describes why they migrated and the difficulties faced.


A new girl in school feels like an outsider until she comes across a popular girl's journal and learns that anyone can feel vulnerable and out of place. She is not alone.

Big Fish

A man fishing in a lake finds it difficult to catch a big fish. If the refugee crisis doesn’t get handled, the next thing a fisherman could catch might be a drowned refugee.


This video highlights the ongoing war in Yemen through the thoughts of displaced Yemeni children in Malaysia, who have escaped war.

My Invisible Mother

The narrator of the video was abandoned by his mother but later adopted. He calls for a society that empowers his mother to keep him; instead of encouraging their separation.

North to South

This documentary is about female migrants from Northern Ghana moving to the South to practice head porterage to make living.

Path Founder

Aristopher is a pupil with special needs. With the care and love of his teacher and fellow classmates, he is able to catch up with his studies and become a bright student.