Children’s Rights

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Maina: The Little Bride

Through the eyes of children, we learn the story of young Maina. We follow her as she becomes a child bride and, later, a mother, with responsibilities far beyond her years.

I’m Looking for my Mother

The life of a young girl is changed when her mother answers a job advertisement to work in Italy.

My Life in Patras

This video traces the journey of Afghan unaccompanied child migrants on their way to Europe with particular focus on the situation they encounter in Patras, Greece.

The Moving Of Rosa Dao

I traslochi di Rosa Dao (The moving of Rosa Dao)

Life In Music

"Life is Music" - 31, Dickson Oyugi, Age 18-25, Kenya

Nine Months

"Nine Months"-29- /Sebastian Kraner/ age:18-25 /4.54 min / 2010 / Austria