When Words Fail

Synopsis: [...]


Synopsis: [...]

American Seoul

A family migrated to America in pursuit of the American Dream. As they struggle to adjust to life in New York, their daughter finds comfort through the cultural synthesis of food.


A new girl in school feels like an outsider until she comes across a popular girl's journal and learns that anyone can feel vulnerable and out of place. She is not alone.

Path Founder

Aristopher is a pupil with special needs. With the care and love of his teacher and fellow classmates, he is able to catch up with his studies and become a bright student.

Salaam (Peace)

Burmese Rohingya refugee Abdulsalam Sultan shares his story after immigrated to his new home in America.

Open Up

A short video about bullying, the filmmaker shows different types of bullying and urges students to be open and report bullying in school, whether they are victims of it or just witnesses.


Bullying has become all too common in schools around the world, talking about it is the first step for effecting change.

My Box

This video contains excerpts from four preselected PLURAL+ entries submitted by Wapikoni Mobile, a traveling media studio providing production support to First Nations' youth in Quebec, Canada