The Gift

The story of a little girl who has trouble reading and writing at school. One day, a teacher finds out she is dyslexic and makes sure her needs are met.

Valiant Children

This video is the story of two migrant kids who discover how their pasts led them to their present circumstances and realities. After all they have been through; they learn to embrace their lives.

Together We Are Better

This is an insightful video that reflects on the decisive role of school in teaching children the benefits of social inclusion and migration from an early age. Students from different social, ethnic and religious backgrounds go to school to educate themselves and learn to live in a community.

The Children of my Land and I

A group of young women explore the impact of war on young Afghan unaccompanied migrants. With many students displaced by conflict or forced to work, as many of 70% of girls and 50% of boys were out of school in 2012.


"Dreams" By Romel Jean Pierre, Roberto Gomez (adviser). Age 18-25, Haiti.

Buenos Dias

"Buenos Dias" By Wen Zhan. Age 13-17, Spain.

Life Changing Education

"Life Changing Education" By Elio Alonso Vasquez Miranda. Age 18-25, Norway.


"Wish" -57, Wenfeng Liu, Age 18-25, China

Our Hood

"Our Hood" - 32, Dickson Oyugi, Age 18-25, Kenya