The Adventures of Yoyo

This video shows, through the story of a parakeet named Yoyo, that migration can be a scary experience, for which a lot of preparation is required.


This video explores the filmmaker’s personal story and his views on the concept of freedom and what it actually means.

Transversing Walls

A young student shares his personal experience as an immigrant. He talks about the different problems and challenges he has faced and how he finally managed to adapt and build his new life.

Feel like a Mountain

A video about how experiencing migration changes a boy’s innermost views on diversity, equality and nature. It reveals how his personal growth and environmental awareness are very much linked to his migration experience.

Towards a Better Life

This video tells the story of two Mexican children that decide to cross the border to meet their father, who migrated to the United States.

A Good Day

This is the story of a Sikh immigrant who migrated from India to New Zealand. He faces issues regarding social integration and unemployment. He wishes for a good day to come in life.

Life as a Hazara Refugee

This is a story about a refugee and his friends who migrated to Indonesia, where they face difficulties in resettlement and integration into Indonesian society. The video showcases their daily lives as Hazara refugees.

Cry of the Refugees

Refugees of war, young refugees in particular, face hardship on a daily basis. This video creatively illustrates the potential of young refugees to overcome obstacles and become positive agents of social change in their communities.


On a journey in which two young Latin American migrants walk northward, memories of the past come to life.