Human Rights

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Human Rights Make a Difference

This video depicts the reality of those who have been deprived of many of their basic human rights.

Love is Everybody’s Right

This video sends a clear message: love is everybody’s right, regardless of sexuality.

Harvesting a Change

The young people of Trujillo work to reconstruct the social fabric and reshape the negative image of their municipality.

We Are Important in the World

The earth is made of 5 continents, 196 countries and over 7 billion people. Are singular individuals important in the world?

All Changes

"All Changes" By Students of Class 3D, Laura Conti Secondary School, Buccinasco. Franco Brega and Tullia Castagnidoli, Teachers. Age 13-17, Italy.

Even Handed

"Even Handed" BySamantha Highsmith & Gabriella Huggins. Virginia Pearce, Producer, Spy Hop Productions. Age 18-25, USA.

Diversity Makes the World Colorful

Diversity Makes the World Colorful - PLURAL+ 2009

Sugar Cane Hopes

Sugar Cane Hopes - PLURAL+ 2009

Circling Around

Circling Around - PLURAL+ 2009