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A Letter From a Refugee

The video describes the situation of Syrian and Palestinian refugee teenage girls in Lebanon. The girls talk about the challenges they have faced since the beginning of the conflict in Syria.

She Who Is

This insightful video exposes stereotypes and labels women are unfairly subjected to, not only by society in general but also by other women. It sends a message of solidarity to all women.

3 Things You Should Know About My Hijab

This video shows a young woman’s personal experiences wearing a Hijab. She insists on people coming forward and asking her directly about it.


A young person reflects on growing up while confronting their nuanced gender identity.

As I Want

As I Want

Indian Chinese?

A young woman investigates the complex mix of opportunities and challenges connected to her cross-cultural heritage.

Raw Elements – Respectful Connections

This music video celebrates diversity, illustrating how differences make for a more colorful and vibrant world.

Young Ladies

"Young Ladies"-5/ Martina Hudorovic/ Age 13-17/ 5.08/ Slovenia


482 - PLURAL+ 2009