Paper Dolls

Young people reflect on how people’s perceptions of themselves have changed throughout the years with regards to appearances and stereotypes.

Doctor Panda Vigilante

A group of kids go over stereotypes involving minorities, religious communities and nationalities, imagining Doctor Panda, a superhero, “hits people on the head” every time they are quick to judge others just for being different.

Strange Strangers

What does being different mean? Why are we afraid of people we do not know? What are prejudices? Fourteen children reflect on these questions.

Drop It

'Drop It' highlights the multiple dimensions of diversity: separator or creative force?

Correcting the Chalkboard

On a school chalkboard, First Nations youth from Manawan, Quebec, erase discriminatory labels and rewrite their own narratives about their identities.

Joining Together to Collaborate

Children from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, Morocco and Spain join together to learn about each other's cultures, languages and religions.

Do You Really Think That About Me?

"Do You Really Think That About Me?" By Telekids Workshop. Jacqueline Sanchez-Carrero, Coordinator. Age 9-12, Spain.

Better Than A Cat

"Better Than A Cat" By Maxim Shavkin. Age 18-25, Russia.

The Village School

"The Village School" By Students from Colline de L'eveil School, Liege. Louise-Marie Colon & Dominique van Hecke, Coordinators. Age 13-17, Belgium.