2014 Winners

/2014 Winners

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We All Need Help

A migrant is excluded from his new community. After an unfortunate incident that he helps to resolve, his co-workers realize that we all need each other.

Deepening Community

A rap video focusing on the bringing together of diverse communities towards social inclusion worldwide, building an integrated society.

Blue Eyes

A video which highlights that appearances are not always what they seem; often, people jump to conclusions from first impressions. This video asks people to take the time to think before they make judgments about the people they encounter.

The Adventures of Yoyo

This video shows, through the story of a parakeet named Yoyo, that migration can be a scary experience, for which a lot of preparation is required.

Rolling On

A story of a disabled man who beats depression and self-pity to overcome stereotypes. The video highlights his positive attitude while facing discrimination, showing how he never loses hope.


This video explores the filmmaker’s personal story and his views on the concept of freedom and what it actually means.

A Letter From a Refugee

The video describes the situation of Syrian and Palestinian refugee teenage girls in Lebanon. The girls talk about the challenges they have faced since the beginning of the conflict in Syria.


An eight-year-old girl discovers that in spite of their diverse ethnical and cultural background people have a lot of things in common. This video demonstrates that media can have a powerful role in changing perceptions.

Human Rights Make a Difference

This video depicts the reality of those who have been deprived of many of their basic human rights.