2012 Winners

/2012 Winners

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All Changes

"All Changes" By Students of Class 3D, Laura Conti Secondary School, Buccinasco. Franco Brega and Tullia Castagnidoli, Teachers. Age 13-17, Italy.

Do You Really Think That About Me?

"Do You Really Think That About Me?" By Telekids Workshop. Jacqueline Sanchez-Carrero, Coordinator. Age 9-12, Spain.

Diversity and Migration

"Diversity and Migration" By Fernanda Curiel & Frasua Esquerra. Age, 18-25, Mexico.

A Short Board Game Story

"A Short Board Game Story" By Ralitza Dinesh Mondal, Age 13-17, Bangladesh.


"Mobembo" By Ngana Brice Betoko, Edmond Tshiaba, Evadry Nsabimana & Josias Labodje. Christine Chamoun, Project Coordinator. Age 18-25, Cameroon.


"Archibald" By, 13 children from Liege School. Delphine Hermans & Mathieu Labaye, Coordinators. Age 9-12, Belgium.

My Dad the Musician

"My Dad Musician" By Zdenek Chaloupka. Age 18-25, Czech Republic.

Malaysia, A Colorful Country

"Malaysia, A Colorful Country"By CheeYang Tan, Yukee Ong & MJ Soong. Ryan Tan, Producer. Age 18-25, Malaysia.

Hit the Road, Jack

"Hit the Road, Jack" By Michael Azkoul. Age 18-25, UK.