2012 Winners

/2012 Winners

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Even Handed

"Even Handed" BySamantha Highsmith & Gabriella Huggins. Virginia Pearce, Producer, Spy Hop Productions. Age 18-25, USA.


"Dreams" By Romel Jean Pierre, Roberto Gomez (adviser). Age 18-25, Haiti.


"Ripples" By Hiroaki Saito. Tong Zhou Wei, Producer. Age 18-25, Japan.

Water and Oil

"Water and Oil" By Douglas Lisboa. Age 18-25, Brazil.

Happy Child

"Happy Child" By David Bagaric. Age 18-25, Croatia.

One Day As a Migrant

"One Day As a Migrant" By Isaac Zuñiga, Cesar Gonzalez, Erick Moller, Erik Aguilar, Emilio Cabra, Jorge Alcala & Gustavo Perez of Colegio Carol Baur. Ages 13-17, Mexico.

Buenos Dias

"Buenos Dias" By Wen Zhan. Age 13-17, Spain.

If We Were

"If We Were..." By Rocío Román Moreno. Age 18-25, Mexico.

Better Than A Cat

"Better Than A Cat" By Maxim Shavkin. Age 18-25, Russia.