Social Inclusion

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We All Need Help

A migrant is excluded from his new community. After an unfortunate incident that he helps to resolve, his co-workers realize that we all need each other.

Deepening Community

A rap video focusing on the bringing together of diverse communities towards social inclusion worldwide, building an integrated society.


An eight-year-old girl discovers that in spite of their diverse ethnical and cultural background people have a lot of things in common. This video demonstrates that media can have a powerful role in changing perceptions.


Lots of people from different backgrounds, religions and ethnicity share an elevator. This shows that everyone is entitled to their own place, even in a small space. The video is about accepting, respecting and embracing cultural diversity.

Sweet-Sour Beef and Onion

Two Belgian journalism students stumble upon an international kitchen. Through cooking and sharing meals with people from all over the world, they understand different cultures and the importance of promoting diversity and social inclusion as the essence of global citizenship.

Fruit Salad

This video discusses migration, social inclusion and diversity, and how they all relate to the promotion of fairness and equality in society.

Somewhere to Belong

A young Asian boy feels like an outcast in his new country, until he finally finds a group where he belongs. The filmmaker expresses her views on the journey of life, her values and ideals. She shows that humanity does truly matter and everyone aspires towards a better future.

I am Different, So What?

A grumpy rabbit photographer does not want to include the square headed pupils in the class photograph. We learn that differences need not cause divisions, rather, they should be celebrated.

Orchestra for a Dream

This video portrays an orchestra that welcomes in troubled youth and provides them with an inclusive space in which they can thrive artistically.