Path Founder

Aristopher is a pupil with special needs. With the care and love of his teacher and fellow classmates, he is able to catch up with his studies and become a bright student.

Unfinished Tales: Fool’s Paradise

Four wounded soldiers are staying in a hospital room. One soldier paints a picture to the rest of what is outside.

Blue Eyes

A video which highlights that appearances are not always what they seem; often, people jump to conclusions from first impressions. This video asks people to take the time to think before they make judgments about the people they encounter.

Rolling On

A story of a disabled man who beats depression and self-pity to overcome stereotypes. The video highlights his positive attitude while facing discrimination, showing how he never loses hope.

My Paralympic Dream

his video displays the everyday struggle of a young man who has a physical disability owing to cerebral palsy. Using his feet, he demonstrates his excellent artistic skills and shows that patience and perseverance are the key elements to achieve success and happiness in life.


"Ripples" By Hiroaki Saito. Tong Zhou Wei, Producer. Age 18-25, Japan.

Happy Child

"Happy Child" By David Bagaric. Age 18-25, Croatia.

The World We Want

"The World We Want" - 76, Lina Anai Silva, Age 9-12, Mexico

You Can

"You can"-61- /Omar Hbosh, Abd-Alhakeem Abu Saed, Ahmad Amoghraby, Hussein Abu Subhiyah/ Age:18-25 / 0.80 min / 2010 / Jordan