2012 Winners

/2012 Winners

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The Village School

"The Village School" By Students from Colline de L'eveil School, Liege. Louise-Marie Colon & Dominique van Hecke, Coordinators. Age 13-17, Belgium.

Prejudice Is A Double Edged Sword

"Prejudice Is A Double Edged Sword" By Centro Interculturale Mondinsieme, Quattro Castella. Ihssan Ait Yahia, Coordinator. Age 18-25, Italy.

Students in France From All Over The World

This video tells the stories of students who arrived in France from different countries and their experiences trying to integrate.

Life Changing Education

"Life Changing Education" By Elio Alonso Vasquez Miranda. Age 18-25, Norway.

World Friends

"World Friends" By Lou Rameau-Sender, Estelle Carré-Viala & Maeva Fafin.

My Box

This video contains excerpts from four preselected PLURAL+ entries submitted by Wapikoni Mobile, a traveling media studio providing production support to First Nations' youth in Quebec, Canada