2014 Winners

/2014 Winners

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Lots of people from different backgrounds, religions and ethnicity share an elevator. This shows that everyone is entitled to their own place, even in a small space. The video is about accepting, respecting and embracing cultural diversity.

Paper Dolls

Young people reflect on how people’s perceptions of themselves have changed throughout the years with regards to appearances and stereotypes.

Transversing Walls

A young student shares his personal experience as an immigrant. He talks about the different problems and challenges he has faced and how he finally managed to adapt and build his new life.

She Who Is

This insightful video exposes stereotypes and labels women are unfairly subjected to, not only by society in general but also by other women. It sends a message of solidarity to all women.

Sweet-Sour Beef and Onion

Two Belgian journalism students stumble upon an international kitchen. Through cooking and sharing meals with people from all over the world, they understand different cultures and the importance of promoting diversity and social inclusion as the essence of global citizenship.

Feel like a Mountain

A video about how experiencing migration changes a boy’s innermost views on diversity, equality and nature. It reveals how his personal growth and environmental awareness are very much linked to his migration experience.

The Gift

The story of a little girl who has trouble reading and writing at school. One day, a teacher finds out she is dyslexic and makes sure her needs are met.

Fruit Salad

This video discusses migration, social inclusion and diversity, and how they all relate to the promotion of fairness and equality in society.

Love is Everybody’s Right

This video sends a clear message: love is everybody’s right, regardless of sexuality.