2014 Winners

/2014 Winners

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3 Things You Should Know About My Hijab

This video shows a young woman’s personal experiences wearing a Hijab. She insists on people coming forward and asking her directly about it.

Towards a Better Life

This video tells the story of two Mexican children that decide to cross the border to meet their father, who migrated to the United States.

Valiant Children

This video is the story of two migrant kids who discover how their pasts led them to their present circumstances and realities. After all they have been through; they learn to embrace their lives.

Open Up

A short video about bullying, the filmmaker shows different types of bullying and urges students to be open and report bullying in school, whether they are victims of it or just witnesses.

Somewhere to Belong

A young Asian boy feels like an outcast in his new country, until he finally finds a group where he belongs. The filmmaker expresses her views on the journey of life, her values and ideals. She shows that humanity does truly matter and everyone aspires towards a better future.

My Paralympic Dream

his video displays the everyday struggle of a young man who has a physical disability owing to cerebral palsy. Using his feet, he demonstrates his excellent artistic skills and shows that patience and perseverance are the key elements to achieve success and happiness in life.

A Good Day

This is the story of a Sikh immigrant who migrated from India to New Zealand. He faces issues regarding social integration and unemployment. He wishes for a good day to come in life.

Life as a Hazara Refugee

This is a story about a refugee and his friends who migrated to Indonesia, where they face difficulties in resettlement and integration into Indonesian society. The video showcases their daily lives as Hazara refugees.

Doctor Panda Vigilante

A group of kids go over stereotypes involving minorities, religious communities and nationalities, imagining Doctor Panda, a superhero, “hits people on the head” every time they are quick to judge others just for being different.