2013 Winners

/2013 Winners

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As I Want

As I Want

The Egnever

Two college students decide to retaliate against an offensive internet video. The students dwell on the potential implications of their vengeful act.

Strange Strangers

What does being different mean? Why are we afraid of people we do not know? What are prejudices? Fourteen children reflect on these questions.


We tolerate diversity in so many parts of our lives, why should our tolerance for human diversity be any different?

Drop It

'Drop It' highlights the multiple dimensions of diversity: separator or creative force?

Correcting the Chalkboard

On a school chalkboard, First Nations youth from Manawan, Quebec, erase discriminatory labels and rewrite their own narratives about their identities.

Indian Chinese?

A young woman investigates the complex mix of opportunities and challenges connected to her cross-cultural heritage.

Raw Elements – Respectful Connections

This music video celebrates diversity, illustrating how differences make for a more colorful and vibrant world.


Three youths from different religious backgrounds play together. Although they pray differently and dress differently, they are able to have fun together.