2013 Winners

/2013 Winners

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Romani: Step by Step Integration

The integration challenges faced by Roma in France are investigated in this video through interviews with young Roma.

Harvesting a Change

The young people of Trujillo work to reconstruct the social fabric and reshape the negative image of their municipality.

I’m Looking for my Mother

The life of a young girl is changed when her mother answers a job advertisement to work in Italy.

Joining Together to Collaborate

Children from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, Morocco and Spain join together to learn about each other's cultures, languages and religions.

My Life in Patras

This video traces the journey of Afghan unaccompanied child migrants on their way to Europe with particular focus on the situation they encounter in Patras, Greece.

We Are Important in the World

The earth is made of 5 continents, 196 countries and over 7 billion people. Are singular individuals important in the world?


Bullying has become all too common in schools around the world, talking about it is the first step for effecting change.

Trab Laus

"Trab Laus" - Tania Safi, 18-25, Australia.