2016 Winners

/2016 Winners


A young Syrian struggles to find his identity. He eventually discovers that the bond he makes between his foreigner friends in Paris is similar to the ones he made while scouting.

Big Fish

A man fishing in a lake finds it difficult to catch a big fish. If the refugee crisis doesn’t get handled, the next thing a fisherman could catch might be a drowned refugee.


Facing the largest humanitarian crisis in modern history, this video shows the lives of children stopped at borders; calling for more support for those fleeing war and conflict.


People born with different heritage often face identity crises; not knowing where to belong. Instead of trying hard to search for ones roots, Taryn takes pride in her diversity.


This video highlights the ongoing war in Yemen through the thoughts of displaced Yemeni children in Malaysia, who have escaped war.


This music video reflects voices of youth urging for peace among difference, the love for diversity, and caring for refugees.


School can be a child’s whole world. Friendship is critical to people of all ages, especially for school children. May friends never separate!

Global Citizens

Through personal experiences, the narrator illustrates life after moving to Indonesia. He explains how media and personal perceptions facilitate Islamophobia.

I’m Human

The video features a fictional story of Ensan, who lost his home during the war in Syria. Ensan enters through a world of deep emotions with some of his most valuable belongings in a suitcase.