2016 Winners

/2016 Winners

My Invisible Mother

The narrator of the video was abandoned by his mother but later adopted. He calls for a society that empowers his mother to keep him; instead of encouraging their separation.

North to South

This documentary is about female migrants from Northern Ghana moving to the South to practice head porterage to make living.

Nothing Like Home

The video reflects the hardships face by Palestinian refugees who were forced out of their homes. Indeed, nowhere is better than home.

Path Founder

Aristopher is a pupil with special needs. With the care and love of his teacher and fellow classmates, he is able to catch up with his studies and become a bright student.

Salaam (Peace)

Burmese Rohingya refugee Abdulsalam Sultan shares his story after immigrated to his new home in America.


A girl reflects on diversity and social inclusion through her experience in high school. She emphasizes how adding tags labels to people harms social inclusion.

The Cops Don’t Know

Every day, African-Americans may face the consequences of police brutality. This music video reflects on the sad injustice people still face today.

Through Their Eyes: A Day in the Shoes of an Integrating Refugee

Refugees face many barriers trying to integrate into a society that is foreign to them. This video reflects the daily life of a refugee and his wishes for an easier life.

True Happiness

This video narrates a story of an American who hears about a village in India where everyone is happy. In order to know more about it, he travels there. Let’s see what he finds.